Meet Our Donors

Bill and Carolyn Hineline

Living the Mission of DABSJ
Bill and Carolyn Hineline tend to stick with things. They have been married for fifty-one years and have lived in West Michigan since 1967. Bill took a job with Law, Weathers and Richardson and 48 years later he still works there. Carolyn retired from teaching in 2005. Read More

young boy

Bob Purdy Impacts Children Forever With Generous Estate Gift
Bob Purdy lived a simple life. As a young boy, he became an avid Boy Scout. Despite his modest beginnings, Bob became a very successful banker in the Detroit area. While others described him as shy, he understood people remarkably well. And he liked them. Read More

Bob and Andie Rander

Giving Hope in Perpetuity
Bob and Andie Rander know a few things about kids. They raised four boys and now have eight grandchildren. Andie was a teacher, and Bob served on the board of D.A. Blodgett – St. John’s (DABSJ) during a time when its model of residential treatment was being developed. Read More